Ortho Solutions

Applying tough engineering standards to the tender topic of joint pain

In 2001, when Salhin Gheriani, a young engineer, and Tom Henderson, an experienced clinician, joined forces in Toronto to start Ortho Solutions orthopedic braces were a serious pain to fit and service. Hospitals, clinics, and rehab specialists alike spent more time dealing with braces call-backs than they did with injured patients.

That’s why Ortho Solutions set out to design and engineer a highly customizable line of orthotic braces. “Our goal”, says Gheriani, “has been to provide products that preserve joint function, while enhancing fit.”

Ortho Solutions braces – recommended by orthopedists, clinicians and rehab specialists.

Our willingness to experiment with advanced materials is a competitive factor in our high ranking with medical suppliers. We’re always on the look out for something that will outperform what we’re using now.

Ortho Solutions brings high tech, “next generation” materials to the high-touch world of physiology and joint function.

In the quest to produce orthotic braces that perform to very exacting standards, we constantly test new, modern materials. We evaluate durability and performance. And we’ve developed many relationships around the globe to source the most advanced materials.

Quality starts at the top.

Both of our company founders continue to apply their extensive engineering expertise and hands-on experience working in the clinical setting with joint-injury patients. Tom Henderson adds, “When you’re able to see someone in pain walk out with a smile on their face, it makes the whole process pretty rewarding.”