Joint Active Systems

Joint Active System (JAS) is a static progressive stretch device that patients will be prescribed when they have experienced a reduction in range of motion. This can be a result of many occurrences such as surgery and injury. JAS works to slowly and gently stretch out the soft tissues of the affected joint, pulling the tissues ever so slightly with each session. The process is completely patient controlled, and in order for the JAS to work effectively it needs to be gentle and pain-free. The time commitment for JAS is relatively low, with patients completing sessions up to 3 times a day where each session is approximately 30 minutes. The JAS device is portable, and can be used where and when ever is most convenient for the patient. 
Upon pick up or delivery of the JAS device the patient will be shown how to use the device as well as the necessary protocol for each session. 
For more information, please visit the Joint Active System website, or contact Ortho Solutions.